Maps showing blank

Hi, I followed the google maps instruction on the website but every time I add maps I get a blank screen on the preview. Tried multiple addresses and nothing seemed to work.

  1. Create Google Cloud account and add billing info
  2. Created an API
  3. Enabled the following API’s
    a) Maps JavasScript
    b) Geocoding
    c) Maps SDK for ios
  4. Restricted API to
  5. Copied API Key and added on Adalo
  6. Created a blank screen on Adalo project
  7. Added map component
  8. Entered manual address into single marker for testing purposes
  9. Previewed app
  1. d) Maps SDK for Android? :slight_smile:

Hi Colin thanks for the reply.

that’s whats active

Can you double check that the api key is correctly set in the component. Check for blank spaces in particular.

All Checked, no spaces at all.

I’m stumped. Can you give me the URL to your app please? If you don’t want it public, you can DM it to me.

Ok overnight it started working.
Not sure exactly what happened.

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