Cannot get maps to work

Trying to get maps to show on a screen. I have completed the following steps:

  1. Create Google Cloud account and add billing info (credit card)
  2. Created an API
  3. Enabled the following API’s
    a) Maps JavasScript
    b) Geocoding
    c) Maps SDK for ios
  4. Restricted API to
  5. Copied API Key and added on Adalo
  6. Created a blank screen on Adalo project
  7. Added map component
  8. Entered manual address into single marker for testing purposes
  9. Previewed app

All I am getting is a blank screen.

I have a pitch tonight and this is the last screen that I need to get screenshots from. Time sensitive.


Hey did you get a solution to this?? I’m having the exact same problem.


My issue was that I did not fully setup my billing with Google. Once I did that it worked like a charm!