Mark an audio as played

Is it possible to mark an audio as played? In practice, the user must be able to see which audio he has already listened to and which he has not.

Create a relation between audio and users (many to many), and when the user clicks “play audio”, add an action that adds logged in user to the current audio.

Hope it’s clear :slight_smile:


I only partially succeeded. I created the relationship between the databases and add the action after the playback ended. But I don’t know how to make it visual. The user must be able to see that an audio has already been played.

Perhaps the ideal would be an icon that appears when the audio has been played. It can be done? I haven’t found a way.

Then, you add an icon with a visibility rule: if the user is in the many to many relation of played audios, then you show it. Otherwise, not.

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