Math calculations with lists: sum, average, etc

Sums, averages, rollups not working

I need to sum the prices of individual items in the cart to get the subtotal, but the “Update” Collection feature isn’t doing the math, even without using filters yet. I am also interested in doing filtered counts of database lists.

Brian, we see where the confusion is that it appears you have the ability to do this, but at this time the functionality is not built out. It is on the radar, but will not be updated immediately. In the meantime the best work around is to use formulas and rollup fields in your airtable database and feed those records to Adalo.

Patrick, unfortunately I am unable to use rollups because those require linked fields in Airtable. I have been unable to pass arrays into Airtable for linked relational fields. Also, the rollup won’t work by itself because it needs to be filtered just prior to the calculation.

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