Airtable fields

Hey guys. Two questions about airtable fields.

Roll up fields. I have a sum field in a table that is pulling from another table in airtable to sum up total revenue. It’s clear that roll up fields are not pulled in as a field in Adalo. Any alternative approaches. Guessing it’s about doing a formula in Adalo but not sure.

Date fields. So they are coming in as 1 month ago, 1 year ago, etc. any way to just pull in straight dates? Maybe I’m just missing something simple.

  1. From the Airtable side can you try setting these as a formula so that the value will come through the Adalo as a property/field.
  2. For this you will want to click on the red chip of the magic text and change the format to date.

Thanks Ashley. I did try doing that, but I’ll give it another shot tonight. Thanks!