Max Collections for Stability

My app currently has 13 collections, pointing out to 16 to complete it.

I estimated when all goes well to have like 100k users.

Will Adalo be able to handle this Digital Beast? Thank you.

The collections amount will be fine (I have several clients whose apps are over 20). But on the user side,currently it might struggle in some areas with such usage, but according to their recent townhall and blog posts, they are planning on moving over to AWS from Heroku which will make things much more speedy and improve system stability as well.


Thanks @pford, I am a bit concerned when it comes with adding products to cart in the food spot app. It has a bit of lag, and I hope with “massive” usage, it will be create a poor UX.

Looking forward for the AWS change. Is there any ETA in the roadmap for this? Thank you very much.

I’m not entirely sure but I know it’s Q1 or Q2 of this year.

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Probably best to reach out to Adalo support to go over your timeline with them… ie when will you launch, will get 50k on the first day, or are you ramping up to 100k over 24 months hopefully.

If your starting with a hundred users or something and hoping your app gets traction and grows, then I would not worry about it too much for now. Focus your thoughts and energy on marketing to get those 100k :slight_smile:

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