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Can anyone tell me how the App speed is with Adalo? I have seen that there seems to be some issues with App speed. I have a project that will have, on average, about 100 to 200 people online at any give time. The users will be calling to the Databases and posting to the databases. Will this be a problem with Adalo? Any information would be helpful.
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It all depends on how you build the app, Adalo can handle thousands of users if the app is built properly

thousands at one time all using the system at the same time?


Great thank you. If you dont mind, do you know if there is a way to share profile(s) of user to people who are not logged in or registered? For example, let’s say you had a house for sale type app and wanted to share a particular home for sale view a text or link or something. Any ideas?


Personally I didn’t work on such functionality, but I am sure someone else know how to do it
Just make another post for that and hopefully you will get some answers
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Thank you for your time and input. Have a great weekend.

You too dear

Having an app that has 200-300 daily active user can be a lot for Adalo to handle and some point.

The app is basically an ordering/ booking app. User would order their item and it would schedule it for delivery and such. Does that make a difference?

Regardless of what time of app, when you have 200 users as minimum doing actions to the server, on long term, you’d have many products, might have quantity, might have customization, so every action is done on the server itself, so crashes happens and breakdowns too.

Yeah but 200 doesn’t seem like a lot. In this day and age, apps have tens of thousands of users (if not more.) So you dont think Adalo can handle a couple hundred users/ members? I dont want to put time into this on Adalo when it cannot handle it

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I have read in this forum that there are Adalo apps with 10s of thousands of users. This has given me the required confidence to build on Adalo. I am only expecting about 5000 users & am currently in the build stage. But number of users using the app at the same time…that we need someone with the practical experience of running Adalo apps with dense simultaneous user activity to chime in.


It all depends on how the app is developed and how hitless it is.
To talk about numbers, one of my apps developed with Adalo, Linear AI, in its prime had about 6000 users with an average of 700-800 people active daily.
The app was lightweight and very simple and worked just fine.
On more elaborate apps with more complex actions, surely these numbers are lower

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I believe that you have to look again and reconsider, I have a fairly complex app, food ordering with all the features from location, notification, delivery, payment, and so on, on a peak single day activity I had 1300 users and performed around 70k actions on the app in a day, and it was just like any other day, no impact on performance what so ever :face_with_monocle:

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I would like to take a look at it, what’s called?


Here is some details

Its offline temporarily now so you may see the recording

It is good, i tested it on my device too,

I personally have worked in Jordan before, and I believe that your app is amazing, but the market their is harsh, the experience of Talabat, DoorDash and Ubereats is smoother and more friendlier, let’s have a small chat, i would like to offer you something…

Thanks dear
Yes it is, specially Talabat is a huge whale and its almost impossible to compete against it
Adalo is great but there is no way it can reach to the user’s experience level of these top tier apps
Will send you a dm