Meditation App Project

Hello, I want to make a meditation app, something with a similar concept to Headspace. It would be an app with tabs and folders, the content would be mainly audio files. Some content would be free and some would be accessible through a paid subscription. Can this be done with Adalo? Any advice on how to get started, guides or something similar?

Thank you for taking the time read and I hope to get an answer?

Yes this can be done and depending on its complexity, I think quite easy to do. You will need to use the audio player component to play mp3 files of the recordings.

You can have a collection on the database called ‘meditations’ which can have the name of the meditation and the recording file. You can have another collection ‘categories’. Can have a relationship between categories and meditations so each meditation belongs to a category.

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Thank you for the answer, that’s great news. What about in app purchases? If I want to offer paid content through a subscription I guess I’ll need them, but I see from other topics in this forum that Adalo doesn’t allow them at the moment.

You can you stripe for one off or subscription payments. Right now you can’t use the store Google and Apple payments but I think that’s coming to Adalo at some point

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Sounds good! Well I guess I’ll have to wait for that feature because I think official stores don’t allow stripe payments for digital content. I really hope it does come to Adalo as a feature eventually, in the meantime I’m going to play with the free version for a while

I believe Google play store is fine but I know apple take issue with it.

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