Merging Users in my app


I was wondering if someone could help me think through the best way to build out the functionality I am hoping to do. I am building an app for a youth group to use. We would have two types of users: Leaders, and students. Both would be able to create an account on or home screen. I am creating some Leader only pages which one of which is a group roster. The plan was to give them the ability to create a new user (student) from that roster so they could track the students attendance even if the student hasn’t created an account yet. Is there a way to merge the student that the leader added if that student then also creates an app account?

I’m not sure merging is the best way to describe this functionality.

What I think should happen here is that there should be a conditional action placed on the button for creating a student that only performs that action if that email address (or other property of a student) doesn’t already pre-exist.

That way you won’t get duplicates.

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