Logging users in and keeping them seperate

hi there, new to the whole app building thing. while I was testing out my app, realized that no matter who logs in, nothing changes in the home screen and everyone is able to see what everyone posts. I am trying to build a fitness tracker type of app, and I want to keep each users home page only showing their own personal program. Ex. when one user is logged in and they input a new workout, another user can be logged in and see the new updated workout.
how do I get the workout to remember who’s who, and keep all the users separate?
thanks and hope your app building endeavors go well

You need to filter your lists based on the relationships or datapoints you have set in your collection, that could be a relationship like…

Workouts > Created_by_user = Logged in User

I would recommend getting an understanding of the data structure of some cloneable apps first.

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