Migrate to Xano

Is there an easy and documented migration path from native Adalo database to Xano?

I want to start small, without additional Xano cost, but ultimately to scale out.

Hi Ryan @raldred,

Welcome to the forum!

I’m not sure such “easy migration” guide exists. The main issue is that you will have not only to migrate the database collections (which is relatively simple and in theory could be automated), but you will also have to relink all your screens to display data from new collections. Also you might have to adapt some of the logic (e.g. Counts), which work a bit differently in Xano and in Adalo.

Also, if you would like to store your users in Xano, you will have to create the Xano-integrated app from the very beginning (see here Connect Xano to an Adalo App - Adalo Resources). This requires Team or Enterprise plan though.

Best regards, Victor.