AdaloDB vs Xano

If I understood correctly, if you build an app on top of AdaloDB, it is not possible to transfer the same app to XanoDB, which may be necessary if the app hypothetically gets a million users. Right?

What would be the most sensible thing to do right from the start so that scaling doesn’t become a problem? Thanks in advance.

Just start with the Adalo DB. You can later transfer the backend over to Xano if you ever manage to get to the point where scaling is a problem.

Wasn’t it the case that if I build my app with AdaloDB then it is impossible to switch later to Xano?

You can migrate data manually by exporting csv or doing it via api. A pain but can be done. Users will have to be asked to reset password.

Hey @Chhhh,

I would agree with @speakupboy. There is no reason making things complicated unless it’s absolutely required.
In my experience, properly built Adalo app with internal DB can successfully handle 1000s of users. (as usual - disclaimer: of course it will depend on the usage model and intensity). If you see performance degradation, first you will need to optimise your app, and only if this doesn’t help - think about backend migration.
Using Xano from the very beginning will significantly increase development time, especially for those makers who aren’t very familiar with IT.

Just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

Best regards, Victor.

I can tell you in my experience we have an app that works as a SaaS. We have the admin side of it as a web app and then the mobile app for the users. We have thousands of users and the admin side of it is also entering services for those non app users and we never experience any issues with speed and I’m in Puerto Rico in the Caribbean not even in the continental USA.

Like Victor mentions a well thought out and developed app should not have any issues. When I sat down with my business partner we discussed the necessary things we needed in the app based on interviews with users. We didn’t over complicate it or try to add anything super complex. I have fixed small bugs reported by users and I redesigned the web app when Adalo 2.0 came out.

The app has been in both the Android and Apple Store almost a year and our customers are happy and paying a monthly fee to use the web app and provide services to the users in the mobile apps. I will mention that it helps to design a good database structure experience with databases. I’ve been a SQL Developer for a looonngg time and that really help speed up development since I designed all my data structure with proper normalization before I even sat down to deal with the UI.

Hope this helps.