Using Google Play and Apple user profiles

New to Adalo, forgive my ignorance.

A lot of apps I use don’t require me to sign up for an account, yet I still have a profile. As an Android user, I’m assuming that the app connects to my Google Play profile. (I believe Apple has that type of thing using your Apple ID.)

What is the strategy in the world of Adalo?

I know I can do a “sign in with Google”, but that’s not really the same thing.

Looking for a way to do this automatically without the need for the user to go through any sort of account creation process to use my app in a way that I can collect data associated with the user.

Hello @predictlii
You can sign up a user when they open the app.
Fill a random email and password for them. Then for all purposes they are a logged in user, it’s just they don’t know it and they can’t login again should they uninstall the app or should the auth token expire.

You can do all this and then later on in the onboarding process or after a period of days show them a form to get their email and then create a bonafide account.

There are previous posts that cover most of this for reference.

Thank you - that’s making sense. I’ll do some more digging in the forums.

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