MISSING COMPONENT! App and Editor unusable

This morning I wanted to make a backup of my App, but here’s what I find in the editor and my preview app never loads!

I don’t wish I had lost 8 months of work …Can someone help me? I’m in a panic …

In a few days I have the pitch of my startup with the incubator !! What will I tell him? “I’ve lost everything” ??

Please help!!!

I’ve just got the exact same problem!

All records from all of the database collections have also been deleted…

I paid for a component from Complab yesterday which has been intergrated so I wondered if that caused the issue. The compoents also aren’t available in the ‘add new component section’ - see below screenshots:



@miticobeppe have you submitted a ticket here? Submit a Support Ticket

All of my components have now reappeared and everything looks fine! Hopefully it’s just a temporary issue for you as well @miticobeppe

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I view the components correctly, but I still can’t see the preview. infinite loading. but the worst is over

Thanks man

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