Missing current data

I need current Boshu ,but it is missing.

Hi @yuri. Can you DM me your app details?

How? though this forum?

Yes that is also fine. Or send an email to colin [at] adalo.com

Thanks, Colin.

What would you need about my app?

Just the App ID number. This is the long number in the url when you are in your editor.


It seems that the data is missing from that modal screen too.

Which is then missing from that screen too

But it is available at the map conformation screen.

You should always follow your data back to the source and keep the data flowing through each screen. If it is removed in one, it will likely be removed in all others too. Data integrity is paramount to your app working correctly.

Thank you so much!

You are soooo smart!!

@Colin This happens sometimes to me lolll so I decided to stop deleting things lmaoooo

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