Confusing case of missing data

This is another case of missing data, but slightly more confusing.

I have a current user profile screen, with multiple other screens linking to it. The available data tells me I am missing data from lots of places. However, what is confusing me the most is that the profile picture and the username are both from the current user but the name doesn’t give me the option to use current user. I have even tried converting it to a list and pulling in user data, and filter it, but once again the option to set current user fields is missing.

I have tried creating another screen with a list pulling in data from users and linking this from all users screen and then to the current user profile screen. Still no joy.

The most frustrating thing is that it was working until I edited the style and moved a few elements around this morning.

Any help would be fantastic as I am losing the will to live!

One thing i Like to do is Delete COnection to the Home Page Unill the data Shows then Use some form of a back link for it because the back dose not transfer data


Don’t know what I did but the data is available now!

Happy days :slight_smile:

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