Missing Information on Screen even when data is available

Hi there, I have a problem with available Data on the next screen. Don’t know what I am doing wrong. My goal is to create a new “Medicine Entry” after I click on the PLUS Button on the previous Screen using modal transition. All neccessary Data is available on the next screen:

But on the next screen everywhere where i want to use the “current Pferd (Horse)” (like its Name) it is empty:

Its not available in the headline and while saving using it as a relationship-component to the database entry it is empty as well.

What am I doing wrong? No missing data connections (all available) but i cant use them :frowning:

No one a clue? :frowning: Or could that be a bug? I still can’t fix it - even when I recreate the screens…

Hi @mazze,

How did you set up “Medicament fur Name”?
May be you could make a short video explaining the problem - show the setup and the result?

Best regards, Victor.

I’ll make a video later :slight_smile: Here is the setup .

And in the pferd table:

Sometimes this happens if you link to the screen from another page that doesn’t have the data you need on that page.

Yes, but I just have one link to this Page and this link is Sendung the data and as you can See in the first picture the data is “available” on the target screen

(Video will still be produced later that day)

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