Mobile inventory system using barcode

Need help guys im having a hard type building Inventory system. I can’t add/delete items on my inventory. Is there anyone can guide me on this?

here is the sample app

First of all, welcome to the forum!

So is this your app or you want to create one like it?

Hi sir thank you for the warm welcome.

Nope the video i posted is for reference. And i want to create just like that.

Badly need to create this app.

Gotcha. So what issue are you having specifically?

First the barcode is not working also when a try to add an item manually it wont show to inventory. Im having issue with the database relation.

Hi @labacladokent,

From my perspective, there should be no major roadblocks stopping from building such app type. QR code reader component can read barcodes as well (you’ll need a native app though).

It would be helpful if you could provide more detailed explanation about the problem you’re facing. Some screenshots or short video could help.

Best regards, Victor.