Modal appears one time only?

Hello I am trying to make a modal that appears only one time.
is there any way to do it ?


Yes it is possible to do, can you please provide more detail on your requirement.

Hello, you can do it with actions in the page action or with countdowns inside lists… it depends what you want to do!

We just need more details

@Santiago @Ark
I want to display a pop up that appears to the logged in user when they visit the home page. it should be appears only on time. if the user already seen it , it should not appear again.

Well it’s not very clear but…

If the user who did not log in, you want him to start, put an action on the page that says link to PAGE NAME modal sometimes if the logged in user> mail> is equal to empty

If the user is logged in and you want them to see a welcome message or something just once
In the user database you put a true/false … for example: New
So on the page you put an action, link to the modal page sometimes if the user is logged in>New>FALSE … so that the page does not open all the time in the back button or return or accept you must put an action that update logged in user>New>TRUE

Thank you,
I will give it a try

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