Info only showing once

Is there a way to display a modal or information only once? I am wanting to have a modal (or something similar) that had a “welcome video” but I only want it showing once instead of every time depending on the user type. Is this possible?

You can do this having a True/False item in the users collection.

  1. Set it to False for new user
  2. Add a modal or with welcome video
  3. Add a button to the modal to update the value to True
  4. Add visibility condition to the modal to show only when the item is False in user’s collection.

This will also help in future, if at all you want to update the information and put it in front of the user as a prompt to acknowledge.

Hope that helps!

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Ok I am struggling getting it implemented into the app! I added the True/False section to the user collection but what do I need to do from there?

You can set visibility condition for the Modal once you have the collection with True/False.

If the value = False, show modal >> Once user click done, change the value to True so this will not appear again

Please share your setup on where you’re struggling, it’ll be easier to help. thanks

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