No-user-registration app - show modal only once?

As stated, my app doesn’t have nor needs to have user registration so I am wondering how to show a modal screen only once “per-session” ?

I’ve tried with putting a button on screen1 which would create a user in users collection without any credentials just a bool variable and set it to TRUE, and then action->link-> to homepage, and homepage needs to trigger the modal if that variable is TRUE. (this is NOT working)
Afterwords a button on the modal page would set that property to FALSE.

Any solutions for apps like these?

Hey, try with an hidden input and value 0-1 instead of true/false.

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Hi @mwfire,

You can use Inputs. But can you explain session? Is it a collection that when you create a session and click on it then show and then again if you click it, it doesn’t show?

Edit : Just saw Eugen’s post. Added Nicely!

Thank you

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