More conditions for visibility of the elements (SOLVED)

Ciao a tutti!

I am trying to apply two conditions to visibility to the ‘Trial Left days’ and ‘Group Trial 14’ groups.
The condition of the first group:

  • if user creation date is before 2 weeks from now

The condition of the second group:

  • if the user does not have an active subscription (false condition for subscription).

In fact, the element is hidden if the two conditions are valid. Unfortunately, however, the user and notifications icon do not move to the right. I press that they are adjacent, so they should slide…
With one condition, the slip works properly.

Is there a solution?
Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

I was able to solve visibility conditions by exploiting an idea seen for form field validation.
The purpose was to:

  • to keep the user who activated the subscription in the home even though he had passed the 14-day trial period;
  • send the user to the subscription page if he had finished the trial period and not yet purchased a subscription;
  • keep the user until the 14-day trial period expired.

It was very complex:
I added in the user DB:

  • A ‘True and False’ toggle for Trial;
  • a numeric field for the days since the user’s creation date;
  1. (see screenshot)
  • An additional screen in which to enter some references to gather information;
  • More fields and lists directly in the home which I will provide hiding to make the conditions run.

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