'Most Visited Screens' Stopped Updating


I have had this problem for the past 3+ days where the Most Visited Screens section stopped updating as well as showing no data even when selecting 90 days (it used to show data just a few days ago for this month).

Any idea what the issue is?


It is still not working and my clients are getting very frustrated. Now it doesn’t load the analytics tab at all. I have tried it both yesterday and today and on several devices/browsers.

Can anyone PLEASE help?

Hey everyone,

@daky Can you please test this again? We just deployed a fix that should have solved the majority of these issues,

If you are still seeing issues please let me know here, but I may ask you to submit a ticket as well.


@ben1 Thanks for getting back to me.

The analytics tab opens, but it is still all empty, no data, and aligned funny.

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Same here. Is the fix being deployed ? Do we need to do something from our end?

I have same problem!

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