User Analytics Data

My app doesn’t have user sign-up or login. Anyone with the URL is free to browse and enjoy it.

My question is, is anything other than “most visited screens” supposed to refresh and show new data?

All the fields are blank other than “most visited screens”.

For example, I understand why “total signups” doesn’t update, since I don’t have that feature in the app.

Shouldn’t both of “Users by Location” and “Devices Used” be updating?

Thank you guys!

Bumping since it’s been a day and no replies.

I have an PWA with no login as well and it is the same for me. I have connected a shared database administrator applikation with users (they have a shared analytics page). As soon as there is any users the other analytics capabilities will start working (my experience)

I am a little confused. Did you manage to solve/bypass this issue?

Could you explain further?

Thank you.

There is really nothing to solve. The analytics function is dependent on subscribing users. So if it’s freely available - and no user registration takes place - well then all you have is the number of times the different screens have been visited.

Hope it makes sense


I understand. Thank you Mikkel for clarifying!

Is there any plan by Adalo to offer basic data on visitors in the near future?

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