Motion Plus - A Simple Filter Editor MADE IN ADALO!

Hiya! :smile: well, a long time ago, I started here at adalo as a simple app developer, but now I know a lot more than simple things at adalo,
so. this app was built in 56 hours by the way the app is in its alpha version, it means that pwa may have a lot of bugs, but do not hesitate to contact me by email:

See the email

What is Motion Plus?
It is a simple filter editor made with adalo and some small code with adalo component.

Will the app continue to make updates?
Well, we will love if the app has a good success for the adalo community. However, if the success of the application fails, unfortunately we will leave the application aside. (OR NOT!)

Images will not have a filter applied if you do not select a filter in the “filters” section.

We haven’t made a “Download” button yet, however, you can use the extension recommended by our team. (Download ScreenShot Extension)


**Custom Filters The way you want  (Contrast, hue.. )*
**Blur out your images*
**URL upload (No downloaded file required)*
** Filters made*

We are working for Text an more layers!

We will work for you to make you happy! :smile:


This is actually super cool