Motion Plus - Image Filter Editor in adalo!

Hiya! well long time ago, i’ve started here in adalo as an simple app developer, but now i know much more than simple things in adalo,
so… this app was built in 56 hours by the way the app is in it’s alpha version, it mean that the pwa can have a lot of bugs, but don’t hesitate to contact me by email:

What’s Motion Plus?
It’s a simple filter editor made with adalo and some little code with adalo component.

Does the app will continue making updates?
Well, we will like so much if the app has an good success for the adalo community. However if the app success fail, we unfortunaly will let the app aside. (OR NO!)

The images will not have an apliyed filter if you doesnot select an filte into the “filters” section.

We yet does not have made an “Download” button however you could use the extension recommended by our team. (Lightshot (Ferramenta de captura) - Chrome Web Store)


*Custom Filters The way that you want  (Contrast, hue.. )
*Blur your images
*URL upload (Not needed the downloaded archive)
* Made filters

We will work for you to make us happpy motion-beta_v1 **`
(remove the space between “com/ motion”)



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Adalo please don’t remove this post again!!