Multi Language Support


Is Multi Language support on the roadmap? It is a must for us Europeans.

Thank you.


I agree with Hugo. Multi Language is a must for my business. It allows faster development if the screens could be translated and not duplicated. And on the database side, if you import data, since accents are not allowed, you get funny characters in your data.


isnt UTF8 format available for data import into DB ?

This is a central need for me. Is there such support currently?

If not, could I clone the app in English a few times and then manually translate the screen, form, filed labels into new languages with a language picker on a home screen which would direct the user to pages with the language of their choice?

Is there something preventing that approach?


There is nothing preventing that approach.

Unfortunately, we still currently do not support multiple languages and your approach is currently the only way to do this.

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But what about app size? Won’t it be too bigger? If, for example, i have 20 screens to be copied in 4 languages, i will have 80 screens on my app, 60 of which not used because belonging to other languages… won’t it be a problem in downloading by app store?


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It will certainly increase the size of the app, yes.

I’m sorry that we do not have a better solution at this moment.


@anon78309838 - Is this still the only approach for multi-language support?


Yes, I’m afraid so. This is a big project that we cannot prioritise at this time.

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Fine @anon78309838

Thanks for your response

Hey @anon78309838 - Could the Adalo system support an independently developed library submitted as an Adalo npm to handle multilanguage functionality?

The other option would be to create app copies, translate them into other languages, and submit them as new apps into specific country app stores

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Hey @Repackaged! This is true, a good idea, and something I might have to do, but it’s not ideal for my specific use case.
The app is for an adult charter school with about 2500 English learners taking ESL.
There are 7 other major languages represented. The ability to toggle between their native language and English would be superior.
The school wants to release the app in July so I have some time to think of options.

You could just make multiple versions of the screens with different languages.

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Just mentioning other way to do that.



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Is there any updates on the subject? Really need that feature

This is still not doable.