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Hello everyone

Is there any way to build a multilingual app efficient? Instead of duplcating all screens? And for my databse content? How can I do these in multiple languages?

Thanks in advance

Léon Missoul

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yup i also wants the answer of this!

Unfortunately, you cannot do that. You can vote for it though. Hopefully, will be available soon.

well actually you can create a “multilanguage” App - but - this involves :

  • cloning screens for all extra-language so you have a screen for each.
  • adding a column for each collection for the content that you want in the 2nd lang.
  • modifying all filters using “translated words” to return the proper results (that is the hardest part)
    …finally, even after you’ve done all this, the system mesages - like PW reseting - wont be translated yet, its on the roadmap but not available yet.
    *for any other content, like a Blog article, Adalo wont do anything out-of-the-box, either you add a column and translate corresponding text in this.
    …so pay some tranlsaters…or copy/past googleTranslate and provide a so-so results…sometime good, other time “what ?” :smile:
    so if you are desperate for another lang, that is the way to go (not the most efficient way…but…)!
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support link !

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