Any smart ways to translate your app?

Hi, I know this has been talked a lot and there’s a feature request here Support for Multiple Languages | Voters | Adalo

But has anyone figured out a smart way to translate full screens efficiently for now?

Hello I was thinking about this but it is really painful.
I believe when user is logged in you can store the language and when they have not signup yet you can pass the selection from the screen to screen. it should be possible.
However one thing that scares me is that you would need to fetch every single string from adalo table (Adalo internal or external) which really scares me as currently adalo calls are longer on the front end than my API responses :smiley: this is the fact, so assume every single screen users sees will be full of spinners for 1-3 seconds

additional issues but this applies to code apps as well as streamlining how you store your string - I am passing some from the backend some are on the frontend… you need to have a good way of doing it.
It would be awesome if feature request allowed integration for example with Lokalize or sth like this and allowed to also map your backend responses and have FE mapping to this (also for primary language)

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Hi @axme @Lukasz,

Just for information - there is a component made by @Davidaa_WoW which might be helpful. See here: New component! Text with multi-language support!

NB: I haven’t tested it by myself, but according to what I see this component could be pretty useful.

Best regards, Victor.

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