Multiple Filter_Database Design

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I need to create an app where user can see benefit [card discount, free movie ticket , joining onus ] of a debit/credit card by choosing bank name then card type[debit/credit] and then card variant …through dropdown .Benefit would be very card to there would be 20 banks then each bank have 10 type of debit and 10 type of credit card and each card have different feature and each feature might have different % or amount.

How to approach the database design…?


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I would suggest you watch the video below on how to setup your database.

Let me know if you have any questions after watching the video! :slight_smile:

I have a question how to save multiple images into database, In your Wander app example the Trips collection have image field, how would we associate multiple images to a Trip so that we can show it as an image slider? Do we need to create a separate collection to store images ? Please advise

Please watch this video.

Thank you James…I understood about database design. However I am having issue with showing filtered data on the screen through “”“multiple dropdown”"".
1 . Filter through Dropdown – choosing bank name
2 . Card type[debit/credit] …–Choosing card type based on bank name selected in earlier
dropdown its possible that a bank does not have credit card…in this case I
need it to be greyed out…
3. Card variant-based on bank name+card type selected in earlier dropdown like first
citizen, Gold or silver etc.
4 Benefit -Free movie ticket worth 500 or free insurance worth 1,00,000 etc…
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Thanks, @James_App_Maker for sharing the tutorial. I managed to save multiple photos in the collection but have some issue in displaying them. In the attached screenshot when I list the items the image is not pulled from the collections but when I click on the item the detail screen displays all the associated images. Can you suggest any solution?