Multiple Sometimes

How can I set up multiple Sometimes?
Currently, it seems that I can only set one.

Hi @tukatyan,

You mean set multiple visibility conditions to a component? If it is you can add the first condition and click three dots of that component
and make a group and add the second condition to the group. And if there is another condition that you want to add you can click three dots again of that group and make a group and add the condition to that group. And if there’s more conditions you can do the same.

Thank you


This will be sometimes of the click action.
The specification seems to allow only one condition to be set, but I would like to set multiple conditions as AND, is that possible?

If I’m correct this is not possible. You can add that feature request here.

What @dilon_perera describe with group is AND operator.

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Then when the all conditions met the button is visible.

What does it mean?

Like you have two input components to create like a note. First Input is for Name and second is for Description. And you have a button to click after inputting the values to the inputs and it has a create action filed with the inputs from magic text.

And you can add a visibility condition to the button clicking the three dots on top Other components>Name Input>is not equal to>empty. And you can click the three dots again and click make group and add the second visibility condition to the group clicking the three dots again Other components>Description input>is no equal to>empty.

And then when the Name and Description input is filed with a value then the two conditions met and the button is visible.

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