Multiple sorting settings

Hi everyone !

I create a little ecommerce app and I have a question

I want to sort my product by Name ( A to Z ) and recommanded first.
But I can only choose one. There is a way to do this ?

Thank you very much !


This is not possible because you have 2 contrasting sorts. You want a product that has been recommended to come to the top as well as it being A-Z but the thing is if a product has been recommended 100 times and starts with Z, you have to pick either to sort by the count of recommendations or A-Z, if its A-Z then in this example it will come last but if its based on recommendations it will come first. You have to look at other ecommerce companies, they don’t allow you to sort by A-Z but rather go by other factors.

If you still want to sort by A-Z, I would recommend having a sort button, which links to another page and having options to sort by A-Z, when user selects that then it goes back and shows the another list that is sorted by A-Z.

Or you can sort by A-Z by default and on the product have an indicator that shows it has been recommended by others.

Thank you very much for your advice !

I will sort by A to Z and add an indicator show its recommanded

THank you and please have a great day :wink:

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