Using buttons to sort the information in the horizontal list

Hi all,

Could you please help me understand how to sort the lists based on different parameters using the buttons?

I have a horizontal list showing different products. I need to sort it by the updated date, by the number of likes and by the chosen by a logged in user items. I know how to sort the lists using one of those parameters, but I need to have three buttons allowing to sort it in one screen.

I tried to put three lists and apply visibility filters, but then the lists on top of each other do not show up correctly.

I tried to create three different screens using the buttons sending from one screen to the other where the right sorting is in place. But this slows the app heavily. On top of that, if I click on the product from the list to go to the product details screen, the “back” button sends me to the first item of the list and not to the same one, so I need to scroll again… if there are lots of items, this spoils the whole user experience.

Is there any other way to do those three types of sorting still using one screen?

And is there any way to go to the “clicked” product and not to the beginning of the list? I have these issues with both horizontal and vertical lists… thanks a lot in advance!

Hi @Elgi,

To start with: unfortunately, there is no way to change sorting “programmatically”, it’s possible only to set it in the app builder.
Some advices:

  • when you try to use visibility rules, don’t put lists “on top” (i.e. at the same place of the screen); rather try to put them one right below the other.
  • when using three screens, don’t use “push” transition type, but rather set it to “none”

As for “return to the beginning” - it is a known issue for a vertical lists… so may be horizontal lists carry the same problem? There is a feature request here:, I’m not sure, if that has been fixed for native mobile apps or not. @Colin may be you could advice?

Best, Victor.

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