Multiple values in one field

Hi folks,

I can’t seem to find any posts regarding this so hopefully, this isn’t redundant.

Use case: I have a field for “City/Cities”. I want to allow users to enter as many cities as they want. There are three things I need to accomplish:

  1. Because I’m searching on this value, I need to validate the value (either via auto-complete or suggest as typing). A dropdown will obviously not work given the number of choices. I can create data collection (just haven’t done it until I know what the right solution is).
  2. I also need to allow users to pick multiple cities. I’m visualizing once there is a validation, a pill surrounding the value (think Gmail’s to field).
  3. When I display a different set of info, I need to filter on this/these values. When creating a custom filter, is there a way to add a “OR” condition vs. “AND” condition?

Any thoughts/suggestions?

Thank you in advance.

Have you taken a look at the custom component “Multi select dropdown”? I feel it will solve for your first 2 questions.

In regards to question 3, this is currently not possible. Adalo only supports the AND operator. It is in the planning to provide the support for OR functionality later.

Thanks for letting me on both topics. The multi-select option is only useful with the OR function.

If there is an ETA on completion, that would be great. Also, I’m assuming this is something that could be customized for my project?


This custom component is made by a developer outside of Adalo. You would have to contact him directly regarding any updates or custom changes to the component.

Yes, understood. I just want to be sure that it was even possible to build custom components.


Also, the Multi select dropdown" won’t work long term. If there are only finite cities that I was supporting, this dropdown could work but if I need to support any city, this will not work. I’m basically looking for the ability for the user to type the first few letters of the city, the correctly spelled city name to pop up, user chooses the said city and repeat the process until all cities are listed.

Sounds like this might be another customer component.

Thanks for your help though.

Indeed this would need to be a new custom component. I believe that @yelkhayami was looking in to this recently :slight_smile:

Thanks. Have you guys ever thought about creating a marketplace for selling/buying components? Perhaps that would encourage ppl to build it. Just a thought.

This feature is in progress :slight_smile:

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