Select all in multi-filter list


I have a list of users where I want to filter it through a collection with a relationship to the users collection (so two collections in a relationship - users and category)

A list of users with a custom filter created by selecting

-current user’s category → All
-category drop down box from another screen.

All works fine but my problem is if the user doesn’t select a category I expect the list to show all users but right now it seems Adalo wants to list users with “empty” category. How can I make Adalo ignore the filter if its empty or treat it as “show all”.

On the other hand if I am filtering a property in the user collection then empty works as “all” (i.e. it doesn’t filter the list). Is there a way to make selecting empty in a relationship collection behave that way too?

Any fix/work around?

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Hi Motasem :wave:

Like this?

Thank you

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Hi Dilon,

This is a nice workaround. I was also able to do it by creating an input field and having an action update it based on “empty” or not then linking to different screens.

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Great and Thank you :+1:

I would like to reopen this topic. I have 7 related collections that I want to filter through which unfortunately means I will have to create 128 conditions.

Any other ideas?

It means? Can you explain with some screenshots?

So in your example you had to select a category and you used two lists with one visible when there is a category selection. What if we had to select 7 different drop downs?

My solution is to have an input field that gets updated depending if there has been a selection or not and then link to a screen depending on the input field number. However with 7 dropdowns I will have to create 128 screens (the combination of every dropdown being selected or not). Does this make sens?

Not all dropdowns need to be selected (so if empty I want it to show all).

And sorry the videos are slow a bit because my computer is slow :neutral_face:

Hope it helps!

Thank you

Hi, can I have a clone of the example you made in this video? thanks!

Yeah sure

Thank you

Correct me if I’m wrong. In this example the results will show users with either selection not both right?

So for favorite no code bubble and country england, the result will show users who either have bubble or from england not both (like bubble AND from england)

yes. Ah but sometimes user’s will duplicate right? I didn’t thought about that :slightly_smiling_face:

Besides duplication we also want the filter to filter both AND not OR.

So the user has to like Bubble AND be from England to show up not either.

This wouldn’t be a problem if Adalo read empty as “all” the same way it does when it reads from a property in a collection.

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Check this one

Hope it helps!

Thank you

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Thanks Dilon! I unforuntately ended up with the individual screens workaround but thank you for the time and effort put into this!

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Hi again,

I found out that this feature is possible through the “Multiselect dropdown” custom component in the marketplace.

Your welcome