Multiplied buttons

Guys, what’s wrong with Adalo?!
A week ago my PWA worked fine, now ALL is broken! Buttons are multiplied!
I don’t know how to fix it, WHF???!!!

Also, EVERYTHING is awfully slow! Adalo, for what are you taking money? You just break the app and stop it working, what’s wrong with you? Where is your support?

No tech is ever perfect, and things can stop working (or not work as expected) for many reasons. That happens with Adalo, and it also happens with Google and Apple.

I highly recommend accepting that as a reality so that you have more realistic expectations.

Regarding Adalo’s support, you can contact them here.

Finger-pointing is not the best strategy. You know, when Adobe products crushed or stopped working, they said sorry and repaired them.
I’ll contact the support but it’s not about ‘expectations’, it’s about lowering YOUR level because it is worse than before.

Wow, Adalo went another level DOWN.
Now drop-down looks like that

Why do you do that with your customers guys? Instead of repair you make it worse and worse, how is it even possible??? What are you doing for changing that?

Okay, I will write a log here of my conversation with so called Adalo support. They send me a “customer advocate” instead of technical specialist, and she isn’t helpful at all.

The problem is still here. I have the worst customer experience ever.
For new people here: if you have a problem, Adalo doesn’t care at all. The community is friendly and helpful and the team is a total opposite. Shame!

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