ADALO license for sale

Hi everyone, I decided not to use my adalo account purchased annually a few days ago.
I don’t know if I can “sell” my account to someone else, but I have decided not to use Adalo, and I’ll explain why.

First, however, I want to specify that this is not a polemical post but a personal opinion that is intended as feedback for the developers and a warning for those who are considering purchasing this software.

Let’s start by saying that Adalo does not offer any refund, and this says a lot.

Of course there is the 14 day free trial but many of the bugs and difficulties encountered in REALLY developing an app are not encountered at this stage. In any case it’s my fault for buying too quickly.

The editor is really bad, one of the worst I’ve had to deal with in my entire life.
I’ve wasted hours doing things that are immediate and intuitive with other editors.

I’m certainly not the smartest person on the planet, but I’ve been working with editors for 10 years and have been managing my site (and others) independently for a long time using various platforms.

There are rulers but you don’t understand anything and you get confused between yellow, red and green lines. The user experience is terrible and (which is absurd for a software of this type) there is no Live Chat where you can find support.

I (like I think many people here) can’t wait two days to find out why a text isn’t showing or any other problem. I need a chat with someone ready to help.

Opening a ticket is crazy, you have to fill out a very long questionnaire with all MANDATORY questions that I have to answer even if I have to ask a simple question that has nothing to do with those fields.

And then you wait 2 days.

If you need to change the color of text in 10 fields, you have to do it manually one by one. In TEN fields.
I have to do the same action 10 times, are you kidding?

If you need to change a link for an App Bar menu, you have to do it manually on each individual page, they are not connected.

If you choose the wrong group to insert a component into, you’re dead.

If I copy a component, when I paste it the editor pastes it where it wants it, completely out of place with respect to where it is expected to put it.

If I create a new screen, instead of placing it next to the one I’m working on, it places it last at the bottom right, forcing me to reposition it every time.

I understand that creating an editor is not a simple thing, but release it when it is ready and not in these conditions.

Now I understand why Adalo doesn’t offer refunds.

I installed a video player this morning and in the settings there is no font hierarchy to help you understand where the hell to insert the link to the video.
And once you find where (I think) the video obviously doesn’t start :smile:

The rest is excellent.

In the end I had a terrible experience and I will speak badly of this tool, its refund policies (which there are none) and the user experience it offers.

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Fair post you have written.

If you need to change the color of text in 10 fields, you have to do it manually one by one. In TEN fields.
I have to do the same action 10 times, are you kidding?

If you set the colour based on one of the theme colours (light, dark) etc… then it will change when you change design colours on an app level.

If you have really exhausted your complaint with Adalo, then go for a chargeback? Seems unfair to me that they won’t even entertain a pro rata refund.

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Thank you @Rozza for your suggestion.
I’ve asked for a refund but with few hopes.

That’s the response:

Adalo subscriptions are auto-renew, and per our Adalo | Terms of Use, we do not offer refunds.

Yes! I’ve been saying the same things for the past year. The support is unreal and they always just tell you “delete it and make it again”. Also why is setting up referral links so hard! Additionally why is the rich text editor crap! No Code Money has been saying for over a year that they are going to fix it, but yet it the marketplace it shows it has not been updated in a long time. I feel like everything with adalo is half done/made. I almost feeling like they’re targeting people who want to make very basic apps and could care less if the design looks good or if the app runs in a professional manner. Again just my personal opinion as well.

Definitely! All the project I saw are basic, also from the Adalo Experts :smirk:
I personally will badmouth adalo every place I ca, especially for the non-existent refund policy.

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