Multiselect Dropdown Bug?

Not sure what this is, but when I go to find the MS Dropdown value it only shows up in the "everytime an item is deselected

But it doesn’t show up at all when I go to the "every time an item is selected

Anyone have any idea why this is?

You can record a video?


The two screenshots above show what’s going on.

MS Dropdown gives you two options:

  1. “Every time any item is selected”
  2. “Every time any item is unselected”

The 1st screenshot is for scenario 2 - where going to “More…” brings up the “Multiselect Dropdown” option - giving the ability to actually select the item in the MS Dropdown and use it in the Name field (under Traveler collection.)

The 2nd screenshot is for scenario 1 above - and just like scenario 2 - it shows the “More…” button - but does not show the ability to select the MS Dropdown > Selected Item.

Why is this?

Bumping - can someone please help?

Hi @klug,

Could you please elaborate a bit, what are you trying to achieve (the whole process)? What should happen upon item selection and deselection?

Best regards, Victor.