Multi Select Dropdownbox Configuration

Hi, Could you please tell me How to configure multiselect dropdown? I have tried it , but instead of updating multiple items into particular field in specific collection. It is updating only the last selected item

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In the multiselect, make sure you are using the “every time” box to update the list, and not just the update in the “save/update” button you may add to your view.

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We had tried this feature , Using dropdown we need to get users multiple preferred work location, Results

getting is updating only last selected option

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Hmm… is the relationship setup as 1 to Many, or Many to Many? Might be something with that?

If not, I’d spin up a test app and do a basic setup to see if it works there, might help you see what is different in your app that could be causing the issue?

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Thank u , Now we have changed many to many relationship and its working fine.

Hai, Is there any way to send many to many record field values using custom action

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