How can I use the multiple select dropdown to select the role users I want to display the information in a form?

Goal: Display notifications and advertisements to users based on their role.

In the administrator role, I have a form called “Publicidad” where I add the title and image of the advertisement. There is another field called “Canall”. I found the “Dropdown Multiselect” component which is the closest to what I need. In the form, I want to be able to choose which role I want the advertisement to appear for on their dashboard, whether it be one-to-one, one-to-many, or all.**

I have done multiple tests, but nothing seems to work for me. I have created a many-to-many relationship between “Canal” and “Publicidad”, and even created a collection where I have or identify these two foreign keys. Let’s say there is a front-end for this when editing directly in the collections, but not in the form, which prevents me from editing or creating.


i cant to add the form the foreing keys

It also doesn’t take the name of the component when I want to link it to the “Submit” button. Is there any idea on how I can do this in a simpler way or if there is a solution?**


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You cannot add a many to many relationship in to the form and to use the multi select component the record should be created before coming to this screen and then with the component you can update that record. So in your case a custom form would be good.

Yes, I did that but when I try to join the multiselect drop down component in the form created separately it does not recognize the component in the button to send the data to the database