My app is really slow on just 3 screens, can't work out why?

Hey guys, here’s a video to show you that every function of my PWA works fine, except for two screens during the appointment booking process.

Here is the setups for each button that is freezing up the app, none have many actions on and the lists aren’t too big either, which leaves me wondering what is causing this issue:

This has been tested on different mobile devices and a desktop browser, and those 3 pages give the same loading issues every time. Also, there is another section to the app where an appointment is booked using the same methods, but on different screens, and the issue persists even on this page.

Can anyone give me some advice please? Many thanks in advance!

Hello, I’ve seen your video and the issues in the app. I think the problem may be here from the actions and data transferred between many screens. Please make sure the actions and links between the screens are correctly done.

Hello @egg,

I have a lot of experience with speeding up our apps on Adalo. Can you share the PWA link to your app so I can have a look to find what exactly is causing this slow reaction?

Sure, click this link:…%2A_ga_SWT45DV35L%2AMTY3MDkzNjQ2Ni4xNjMuMC4xNjcwOTM2NDY2LjYwLjAuMA…&target=c0d75mkebb1riggidbo3o4v6i¶ms=%7B%22b8wf2dwjm7xorb7ww45n7rs63.t_6d9d3092e3374829a980c6a47dfd53d1%22%3A477%2C%22b8wf2dwjm7xorb7ww45n7rs63.t_7bf413f860114c9eb68cba9632618693%22%3A367%2C%22b8wf2dwjm7xorb7ww45n7rs63.t_6mvrrzt9enwbjx65r1oollh7o%22%3A156%7D

Press “Try a demo account” at the top

Then select “make new booking” under the admin actions. Try to add a new booking and you will see what I mean!

Thanks in advance for any help you can give :slight_smile:


Just had a look. Its definitely slow.
I could see you have few text inputs hidden and you run many actions in a screen to display certain outputs.

Probably the way to fix these issues is to have a different way of writing out the logic for the click actions. I have to see the way you’ve built it though to be able to give you my recommendations.

I am happy to jump on Zoom call tomorrow morning to take a look at it. Its currently 11 pm where I am (Qatar).

Would tomorrow 10:00 am (Qatar time) work for you? If yes, will send you a Zoom link.


I’ve been on Adalo a while and I’m sure I’ll be able to figure it out myself eventually. I’d be happy to have a zoom call but don’t really want to be paying for an answer that I could find myself after a bit of playing around with different methods of updating the records. I would be happy to have a chat about it and see what advice you might offer, but I will work it out myself if you’re looking to charge me. Would the conversation be free? Thanks again :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes its for free. I only offer to do this on case by case basis if I can see I can help.

But if you just want to chat and send me screenshots of how the click actions are setup, happy to do that as well.

That’s very kind of you Mohammed! When will you be free to talk?

I can so tomorrow, Friday 16th at 1:00 pm Qatar Time (GMT+3). Does that work for you?

Sound good. I’ll be on Zoom at 1pm Qatar time (10am here, I’m in the UK). Send me a message with the invite when you’re ready! Thanks again :slight_smile:

Hey @egg,

Decided to have a look out of curiosity :slight_smile:
I believe some in-depth inspection and optimisation is required.

For example, on the screen “What time does the customer want to attend” you’re loading a list of 2097 elements (it will be long, in my case it took 4 seconds to load). From what I see in the console I can make a guess this is a list of timeslots, and the query itself isn’t that simple. So this one should be optimized.

And on the next screen I can see 6 create / update actions, if I’m not mistaken, before the list of barbers is finally displayed.

It’s difficult to give exact advices what to optimise without examining an app itself (what I did was just analysing the network traffic in the console). I’d say it might be a good idea to look if the logic could be streamlined and number of actions optimized.

Just my 2 cents )


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