App is veeery sloooow

My app is very slow. Somebody wrote that after pushing to Google Play it should be faster. It’s even more slower than in browser as a preview…

What should I do?

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Do you have a lot of many to many relationships? Do you have a lot of actions on single buttons or automatically when linking to a page? These are causes to apps running slow which hopefully soon won’t matter if performance is improved.

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I’ve got 3 actions per button and it’s veeery slow. I’ve got also one action on heart icon (as you can see on screen) - it adds video to favourites - and it is also veeeeeeeery slow. What to do? The app is pretty useless in this state.

PS. these are icons, not buttons. Buttons weren’t visible in some cases.

How are you previewing? Through the preview button in the editor or the Share button to the page?

Reason I ask is the editor version is notoriously slow. Also Firefox is your best friend if you’re not using it.

Both ways are slow. I think that shared preview is a bit faster.
I also have native mobile app (launched on Google Play) and this is slow AF…

My own experience on Adalo is use their simple lists as much as possible… not going to solve your issue though, but they are significantly faster than custom lists for my apps anyway… given this has huge limitations, no conditional visibility or custom layout… I found custom lists to be very glitchy on scrolling up and down the more complex they are.

Also make sure in advanced options “Auto Refresh” is turned off… this makes the app v slow.

I might’ve been lucking out, but my custom lists appear fine on my devices (Apple) but then again as you mentioned, they’re somewhat minimal in design.

I also have a few lists within lists and have no substantial issues. However I’ve also noticed through Google Console that the app has crashed a few times on users devices, never had this on Apple.

It seems very user specific the more of these threads pop-up

In my app toggles are slow downing the app. So I’m not using toggles . How about you’ll using toggles? :blush:

I’ve enabled inspector and it says:

instrument.ts:129 Invalid style with id 3720. Skipping

and more and more warnings like this when I click on icon. Maybe that’s the problem?

I don’t use toggles, I just use two grouped buttons with conditional visibility. Not buttons, but icons with actions in this case.

I’ve got disabled auto refresh. Thanks.

Ye i suspect its the conditional visibilities - as the code will be set to check every list item, and every icon set with visibility conditions… so a lot of things happening.

Oh yeah that has potential to tank performance for sure!

Thank you guys.
I will try everything to make my app faster. It’s useless MVP now.

So how to implement that toggles instead conditional visibility in that case? It’s impossible.

I try to forget about UX and UI and just try if it works better with visibility: always.

It’s just a bit faster I think but still very slow.
How to get thumbnails to video?

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I think you can do like this. :blush:

Create a image property on your videos collection and then add a list to the screen( If you added already no need) and then add a image component and set that to current video thumbnail. And then if you are giving access to upload video for the users add a visibility field to upload the thumbnail ( If you are using the form component to upload videos) or add a image picker to upload the thumbnail ( If you are creating a custom form to upload videos). And then add a action to the list link to play video screen and then the user can watch the video. I hope this information will help you. :innocent:

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Why does it work on previewer and not on Android?
My users will not upload previews, it needs to be added automatically from video. Any idea for that?

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Not working on Android. Hmm I didn’t experienced about this because I didn’t publish any app still. If there’s a problem you can submit a support ticket Dawid. Then Adalo Team will look at this Dawid.

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Dawid you have to fill here to see thumbnails of the video.
Poster image URL.


I think Dawid add a field to upload a thumbnail. Then you can add that thumbnail image url for this field.

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