My Editor is not opening after coming back to home

Hi All,

I was working in Office where my Adalo editor was working fine. When I reached home, then I am trying to open editor, where my login is successful but I cannot load my App screens. I thought that, my single seat license is causing problem. So tried to disable office login by changing the password of adalo at home but still I am not able to load my App in adalo.

Any hint, that how should I handle such situations.

There could be a chance, that Editor is having a problem with all (i am not aware about that)!.

Appreciate your support.


Hi @k86305 :wave: :wave:

@k86305 is there a good connection on your home? :blush:

Can you send some screenshots @k86305 ? :grin:

Thank you :innocent:

Hi @dilon_perera,

Thanks for follow up.

Connection speed seems ok. I am getting 8Mbps download speed (just checked from speed site). Picture is as follows,

For the App, screen shot is as follows,

Appreciate your feedback and support.


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@k86305 this problem happened to me also.

Sometimes this problem is ok but sometime not. So I did like this.
1)Restart the computer.
2)Clearing cache
3)Checking Internet connection

Then it’s work but sometimes not. If it not works submit a support ticket. And others also share their experience. :blush:

Thank you :innocent:

finally it is resolved. I had to logout the office adalo user by manually logging into the office PC, and then selecting logout options.

And right after that, my home Adalo login is working fine, and loading the App.

Thanks to someone who gave me access to my PC (remote login).

Thanks @dilon_perera for support.

So resolution is, β€œLogout the Adalo Developer Interface before leaving the office”.

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Hmm. Ok @k86305 .Happy to hear the editor is working. :blush: And your welcome. :innocent:

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