Mysql data base vs adalo

I have an application running on a server and I need to consult the mysql database. Does Adalo have this feature? If yes, just paid? Thank you if you can help me with this guidance because, seeing other people here on the forum, I ended up discouraged to continue my project with ADALO

If there is an API available to access that DB then yes you will be able to access that database within Adalo.

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The question was exactly this. Is there an adapter or api on the Adalo market for this type of integration?

Same here, I want to connect to my own MySql server from adalo…

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Please read our help docs on External Collections

Hi @Reyaas @softal,

Just as a note: please don’t confuse “classic” database servers, like MySQL, with SaaS databases with REST-like APIs, like AirTable.

MySQL uses its own protocol to connect between clients and servers, see here for example:
Inside this protocol the basic SQL commands are transferred as well as other functionality is implemented. To access MySQL, you need to have a specific client / connector (for example, you have MySQL clients for Linux, connectors for PHP, Java, .NET, …).

In order to connect to MySQL from outside using an REST-like API, some kind of “intermediate interface” should be put in between the database and the “outer world”: this interface should be able to accept API queries from one side (incl. auth and etc.), and transfer data forth and back to the database.
Such “interface” is not a part of Adalo’s functionality (and should not be); it is up to the owner of the database to create the API access to the data from outside.

Quick search on google didn’t reveal any “quick and easy” solution for that. Although there are number of projects incl. open-source ones, which allow to create an API access to MySQL databases. Of course such solutions need to be installed and configured by MySQL DB owners. May be I was searching using wrong terms, and such solution exists - I’d be happy to discover it :slight_smile:

My 2 cents :slight_smile:


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