MySQL Zapier update record to Adalo not working

I’m trying to connect a MYSQL database and update an Adalo table record when a MYSQL table record is updated.

I want to update an Adalo record when a record is updated in the MySQL table:

I have created the zap but in the second step, Adalo part, the configurations asks for a “Record ID” not defined in the Adalo back end. The field is mandatory:

If I enter the Adalo ID of the record/table to be updated comming from teh MySQl record, I get this error:

If I set in that field a number eg: “1”, the update works but the Adalo record updated is the first one of the table.

I have checked the MySQL “create record” action and it is working. It seems that the “update record” from MySQL has a bug. Could you please help me?

Hi @AntonioG as far as I’m aware you should have a step setup first that is able to provide the 3rd step with that data from Adalo. So this should come from a created recorded. I will double check with the team though.

Hi @Colin, I really appreciate your feedback in this issue since this is a pending step for my Adalo’s App. Antonio

Hi @Colin, any news on this issue?

Hi Antonio, looking in to it with the team today. Sorry, I was on holidays for the last 5 days :slight_smile:

Just a quick update Antonio… I have been testing some solutions without any luck yet. It may not be possible right now. I will keep trying a few more solutions though and will update here if I find one that works.

@Colin thanks for the update. If you need more info, please let me know. This update record integration between MySQL and Adalo at Zapier is key for my project.

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Hi Antonio,

After a lot of attempts I could not get this working I’m afraid.

This problem will be solved with the implementation of this feature request:

If you upvote this request, you will be notified when it is available.

Hi @Colin sorry to hear that. You are proposing to vote a feature request where several zapier actions are requested to solve this issue. The fact is that the Adalo to MySQL integration is already published at zapier meaning that it is not a feature request but an bug fixing. I need this functionality to go live with my app. If fixing the bug is not in your scope in the short term my team could help you fixing the issue if you want. Regards, Antonio.

Although it is published to Zapier, it lacks the functionality that you require. That’s why I was pointing to the request. :slight_smile:

Hi @Colin, that’s my point: if you publish a functionallity it means that is running fine. Otherwise you should hide it to the public, right?
The request you are pointing to is a bucket formed of many individual requests, it is not a real request.

When it was published, it was working as intended for the use cases given. Now, as the app has grown, more use cases are coming all the time. This is a way we can keep track of those requests so that when we make changes, we will know what to include.

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