Zapier Record ID "not available through Adalo"

I have been able to set up two zaps so far: new record from airtable pushed to adalo, new record from adalo pushed to airtable

I’m trying to create a zap to “Update Record in Adalo” (Action) by creating a new record in Airtable (trigger.)

The 2 previous zaps did not require a “Record ID” from Adalo. But the “update” action does need the Record ID. “That can be obtained from a New Record zap, but is not available through the Adalo interface.”

When I do attach the closest possible option (“1. Record id: recYTBBGQAYhyueYI” that maybe came from connecting the api?) it still doesn’t work.

Any advice here? Please let me know if any additional information would help find a solution.

Thanks thanks.

To view the id of a specific record in the Adalo interface, go to the database tab, view the records for the collection, and then click on the specific record. The id of the record is the number at the end of the URL.

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And is it possible to get the ID of row stored in Adalo trought a webhook in Zapier ?
In adalo editor is not possible to get as a variable the ID of a row ?

This will allow to avoid the processing time with “Adalo’s new record” in Zapier.

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Just following up on this, I am trying to Update an Adalo Record via Zap, but can’t figure out how to automate the selection of the Record ID. I hard-coded the first record for the Zap to fire properly using @Ben 's above method of clicking on the record in the db, and using the number at the end of the URL. But, that doesn’t scale.

@Colin ? @AXIOM @pfordmedia

Hi @tdhi, If you don’t have the Record ID you will naturally have to perform a database lookup (Search) first to retrieve that ID before moving on to the next Zap step (Update record with the ID from step 1).

Ahhh ok got it, thanks! What would be a good way to automate the database lookup and pass that to Zapier as Record ID (otherwise Zap will not run as currently hardcoded).

It depends on your workflow, can you explain to me what would you like to achieve? so I can give you the best solution.

I have a two sided marketplace and collection called “Notifications”, sent by one user to another. When the notification is received by the recipient user, he/she can login to post an answer which updates the original record in the Notifications collection. Until the recipient posts an answer, the Boolean in the record will remain “Unanswered”.

I’ve set up Zapier to send emails to the recipient every 24 hours whenever the Boolean is true. After 24 hours has passed, and email has been sent, I’d like to update a property in Notifications called “Days Elapsed” to add a +1. I have another property which also records the number of emails sent. So basically, trying to Update the Record in Notifications collection with a “+1” on two different properties.

thanks so much for your help and quick responses. Adalo is lucky to you have you guys on board.

Nice Workflow by the way :wink:,

If you already set up this step then naturaly Zapier has that record right (user email…)? So all you need to do is add another step to your worflow and update your collection’s record with the +1 from the previous step.

For the math operation (+1) you will need to add the Formater by Zapier.

Zapier requires the Record ID (cannot skip) and there is no way to access this automatically to update the record. @Ben and others have asked us to manually click on the record and use the URL to figure out the Record ID. It isn’t sequential.

Yes I know, can you please show me the steps before Action 3 as I need to see your workflow trigger, No worries we will get this done in no time but I just need to reproduce this workflow to show you :wink:

Step 1: Select Adalo trigger (When New Notification Sent Record in Adalo…)
Step 2: Continue if Unanswered is True
Step 3: Delay for 1 day
Step 4: Send Email
Step 5: Update Notification Sent record (+1 day elapsed, +1 reminder sent properties)

So this new Record trigger is from the Notification collection, right?
Do you have a User field in that collection?

Yes, I have two Relationships to Users (one for generating the Notification, and the other User receiving the Notification).

So you should be able to retrieve that ID from Step 1 right?

In my Collection, I don’t have a property with a User ID numeric value. In any case, the numbers don’t match anyways, and Zapier spits out an error. In the above screenshot, your Record ID is “5” while the User ID appears to be “1”. Were you able to Update a Record with User 1 instead of Record ID 5?

No 5 is the ID of my “Notification Record” and 1 is the ID of the User

Yes! And Zapier doesn’t accept the ID of the User, it wants the ID of the Record, which is only available manually by clicking on each record, viewing the last portion of the URL. Is there a workaround using the Collections API or custom actions?