Nav screen causing black loading screen

Hi, got another question for the Adalo community.

I’m using the “persistent left nav” screen to be able to navigate through different screens in the app. However, I’m facing an issue when I click on different tabs, the right section which is a transparent rectangle shows a black screen for a second then shows the screen that was clicked. This isn’t ideal design-wise, I’d like to have it either stay transparent or maybe create a loading screen. If anyone knows how to fix this I’d love to hear it.

Here’s a screen recording to help understand

Appreciate it!

Hi @paige.scholes,

I just tested and I directly go to the screen that added in the link action! This kind of thing happens on apps after the performance update and now it’s fixed and I believe that should be fixed on web apps too :slightly_smiling_face:

Are you able to share a video about your setup too?

Thank you

Hi @dilon_perera

Hmm, It’s still showing me the dark screen.

Here’s a screenshot of my setup:

@paige.scholes @dilon_perera

Hey guys so I’ve have actually noticed this as well! I’m noticing it’s Only happening if you link from a model/float/slide menu to another screen.

Adalo data works with links to and back from a screen. So because your menu screen has a transparent background but the menu itself is “technically” a modal, when you link from it the data on the page previous is no longer available.

I’m still trying to find a work around. But I’d recommend contact Adalo support by submitting a ticket. Just so they are aware.

Hey @Jacob_Lange

Thanks for the advice, I’ll submit a ticket.

Hi @paige.scholes ,

While you are waiting for your issues, I would recommend to put the left menu in the same screen as your dashboard screen, if you want to minimize it, use group visibility to do that.

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