Persistent Left Navigation

Hi There!
When I see the apps built with Adalo, and the videos and all - it looks magical. But when I try to do anything in Adalo, I get stuck and find out that it is indeed a real problem. What’s going on? Am I just doing things that I should not? Or is it all a coincidence?

I tried and struggled with the Deck Swiper component as a first thing, and that problem is still being addressed by its developer. Now I tried the “Persistent Left Nav” and that does not work either.

Please note that I have removed everything and it’s just the LeftNav on a blank screen. How do I fix these issues??

  1. I have no idea about the misplaced icons error (in the screen shot).
  2. The extra wide Left Nav issue has been brought up by many in the forum in the past. The only fix provided by a user is long and seems very complicated. Why this component is not behaving properly? Why do we have do apply these workarounds?

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