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Hello - I seem to be struggling to navigate from screen to screen in Chrome - is there some else I can try as it is slowing down the entire design and build process.

Thank you

Hi @natelewin, and welcome to the community!

What do you mean by that? Is it editing the app? Previewing it? PWA? It’s not clear exactly what you are doing.

Could you provide more details?

Also, what other browsers have you tried?

Hi Charles, thanks for your your response. When editing the app in a browser. If I select screens in Adalo menu items and then select screen name I’d like to work on - the preview of the screen doesn’t navigate to that screen in the browser.

Secondly, if I pan out, select the screen I’d like to work on and pan back in, the screen does not appear in the middle of the browser. I hope this makes sense.

Which browser(s) do you recommend?

I use Brave.

That’s how it is designed. You have to move the view to focus on the screen.

I did not understand. Could you grab a screen recording (I recommend Loom) where you explain it?

Thanks. I’ve installed Brave. Seems to be working better using the left and right arrows. When using the mouse it behaves the same as Chrome.

I’ll use Brave. Thanks for the help.

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