Is there a way to work with one screen/page in preview at the time?

Hey there guys :slight_smile:
I am new to Adalo and was wondering how I might be able to work on single screens/pages of my app individually…
I have started with a demo app and in my dashboard, all of the screens/pages are displayed at once making it hard to tell what is actually on each. I read here in the forum that I can zoom in ctrl + but this enlarges the full viewport…I was wondering if I can view and work on each page with an individual preview for each?

thanks in advance

Unfortunately there’s no way to do that now - this is how the editor functions

Like this?

EXACTLY like this​:nerd_face: could you pleaaaase let me know how you zoom in like that?, :relaxed::relaxed:

You could use the mouse scrollwheel or touch pad zoom, just make sure to click on one of the screens first, so that the entire editor doesn’t get zoomed in. Also, CTRL +/- also works to zoom in only one screen in my PC, weird that it’s zooming the entire editor for you.

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